– Leadership

Educate Afghan Women about Peace & Human Rights

Visionary women-led organization introduces workshops for peace, human rights and justice.

Helping Afghan Women to Become Leaders


Fund workshops that support Afghan women in realizing their power and becoming leaders.

The power to change programme

"I now understand that I have been abused by my partner, and that abuse has been part of my whole life...The Power to Change Programme gave me the opportunity to face this"

An international movement to end street harassment

Building leadership skills among Hollaback! Site Leaders so they have the skills to end street harassment.

Feminist leadership training to end street harassment

Build leadership skills among our existing Hollaback! Site Leaders so that each and every one of them is prepared to continue the work of ending street harassment.

Invest in women, improve the world.

At Vital Voices, it starts with a woman leader. She recognizes a problem in her community and commits to solving it while accelerating development, equality and peace.

Jewish and Arab women advocates for peace

Promote peace in Israel by building a network of Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli women leaders committed to social change through advocacy.

Training high school students as health advocates

Student Health Advocates provide their peers with trusted information in reproductive health, as well as life skills, to  guide them through the difficult times they face in their adolescence.

Building the power to end street harassment

Help young people around the world lead the way for the next generation to live without fear of harassment in public spaces.

Provide young women with an equal chance at college

College is incredibly expensive with many necessary expenses beyond tuition. Help provide laptops to young women pursuing higher education.