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Empower Kenyan girls with a WISER education

Only 5% of girls reach secondary school in Muhuru due to pregnancy, HIV orphanage, and early marriage. Few receive the support necessary for success.

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Win back 6 weeks of school per year for girls in Kenya

ZanaAfrica is innovating a radically affordable sanitary pad to help more Kenyan girls stay in school.

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Fighting everyday sexism

The Everyday Sexism Project fights gender imbalance worldwide by collecting testimonies, raising awareness and speaking out.

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Solar heaters for single Native American mothers

Solar air heaters provide warmth and economic security to single mothers’ families during winter on Native American reservations on the Great Plains.

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Going mobile to fight extreme poverty in Guatemala

Support mobile technology to monitor and evaluate programs for women in Guatemala to start businesses, form savings groups, and plan for the future as a pathway out of poverty. 

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Fuel-efficient stoves for the safety of women

With wood scarce in Darfur, a new stove promises safety for women, girls, and the conservation of the environment.

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Vertical gardens for Magsasaka

Vertical Gardens help boost the health of families who don't always have enough money to buy nutritious food.

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Make laws keep their promises!

While many countries have legislation addressing violence against women,  few countries enforce these laws. Vital Voices makes laws keep their promises.

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