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Give a boost to social enterprise!

All over the globe individuals are developing innovative ideas that can solve some of the world’s thorniest and hardest issues.

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Give her a camera & she can tell the world

$70 billion US dollars was promised by governments last year for women and children’s health. We want to make sure it is spent effectively.

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Using vinegar to fight cervical cancer

Less than $5 can cover the cost of a cervical cancer screening. Cervical cancer is the #1 cause of cancer death for women in the developing world.

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Providing 35 secondary school scholarships

Give girls in Ethiopia a chance to go to school - and to stay healthy, avoid long work hours, and possibly get a job. 

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Roma girls hold the future in their hands

Most Roma youth grow up in poverty. In this environment, Roma girls have few opportunities for breaking out of the cycle of prejudice, poverty and violence.

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Solar women warriors scholarship fund

Support Native American women in learning new skills to gain jobs in the renewable energy sector.

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Dry composting latrines in El Salvador

Innovative solution helps avoid contamination of soils and water supplies, reduces disease, parasites and dysentery.

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Gardening for health

Vertical Gardens help boost the health of families who don't always have enough money to buy nutritious food.

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