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Support girls' education in Tanzania

Help Room to Read support girls in Tanzania complete secondary school and provide the support and skills to navigate through major life decisions.

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Building the power to end street harassment

Help young people around the world lead the way for the next generation to live without fear of harassment in public spaces.

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Empowering the girls of Northern Cyprus

Equip teachers in Northern Cyprus with the skills to support teenage girls to stand up against discrimination and violence.

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Center on equality for LBT women in Croatia

Lesbian Group Kontra is bringing positive attention to the LBT community and the need to uphold their rights.

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Broadcasting leadership and empowerment

La Radio Q Género is using radio as a tool to raise public awareness about gender discrimination in Colombia.

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Women creating a just and sustainable future

It is critical that women’s voices and needs are reflected in this new global development framework. 

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Advocating for indigenous women in Guatemala

Indigenous Women’s Watch works to ensure that indigenous women actively participate in leading their communities to recognize and reduce violence. 

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Strength in feminist solidarity

Central Asia and the Caucuses urgently require strong feminist networks as women and girls continue to experience harassment and violence.

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Africa in my skin, Africa in my being

Help bolster women in Puerto Rico to lead their families, communities, and society in ending racism, sexism and discrimination.

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