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Helping Afghan Women to Become Leaders


Fund workshops that support Afghan women in realizing their power and becoming leaders.

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The power to change programme

"I now understand that I have been abused by my partner, and that abuse has been part of my whole life...The Power to Change Programme gave me the opportunity to face this"

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Awakening: Women on the Frontlines of the Arab Spring

Women in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are fighting to stop military strongmen and religious fundamentalists from hijacking the Arab Spring.

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Legal self-defense for domestic violence survivors

More than one-half of domestic violence survivors in Los Angeles County, California, have to represent themselves in court against their abusers.

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Give a boost to social enterprise!

All over the globe individuals are developing innovative ideas that can solve some of the world’s thorniest and hardest issues.

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Living a life of dignity after divorce

Divorced women in the Gaza Strip face high rates of unemployment and violation of their rights due to attitudes that shun women out of wedlock.

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Center on equality for LBT women in Croatia

Lesbian Group Kontra is bringing positive attention to the LBT community and the need to uphold their rights.

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Rights in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings

Support feminist activists and Islamic feminists collaborated to target patriarchy in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings.

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