– Technology

Lighting homes in rural Honduras

Help provide "cleantech" solar solutions to end energy poverty in Honduras by reducing the use of toxic and expensive kerosene in the home.

Bring health to the homes of children in Ouaga

Help Association Pesinet conduct focus groups with mothers in Burkina Faso to identify ways to extend our innovative service of home health check-ups for babies and young children.

Towards the day when ZERO children are exploited

Around the world today, the estimated number of trafficking victims ranges from 20-30 million; about 75 percent are women and girls.

Equip grassroots women with digital empowerment training

Help train a new generation of grassroots women leaders in digital empowerment and citizen journalism.

Computer skills training for young women

Help 120 girls and young women from tribal communities in Kodaikanal Hills of Tamil Nadu, India, learn computer skills.

Help the Tamale Fistula Centre perform more surgeries

Support the Tamale Fistula Centre by building its capacity to conduct more fistula repair surgeries.

Innovative literacy program uses mobile phones

Using phones and texting to accelerate literacy for Afghan girls and women.

Banking breast milk for babies

A lifesaving low-cost intervention to save newborn babies using mobile phones and donated breast milk.

Roma girls hold the future in their hands

Most Roma youth grow up in poverty. In this environment, Roma girls have few opportunities for breaking out of the cycle of prejudice, poverty and violence.

Making ultrasound accessible during pregnancy

Help us train midwives with innovative tools to improve prenatal care and skilled delivery in Kenya.