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Preventing mother to child HIV transmission

Prevent mother to child transmission of HIV by supporting mothers' needs during pregnancy. 

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Help women & their families own land

Help 30,000 women obtain legal title to their land and as a result control over the income from their farms, increase access to government services, and improved status in their communit

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Overcoming the obstacles to ending child marriage

Fighting for the rights of girls to enjoy their childhoods and have a choice in their futures.

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Ending violence against female sex workers

In Chennai, India, female sex workers are subjected to daily violence, stigma, and discrimination.

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Computer skills training for young women

Help 120 girls and young women from tribal communities in Kodaikanal Hills of Tamil Nadu, India, learn computer skills.

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Provide life-skills training for 340 girls

Help 340 adolescent girls learn, lead, protect their bodies, know their rights, and be safe.

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Empower adolescents to take charge of their health

In Jharkhand, India, 63% of adolescent girls are married before 18 and at least one in four 15-19-year-olds is a mother.

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