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Build the Dream Model Street School

We’ve helped fund the ground and the first floor of the Dream Model Street School, now we need to complete the rest. 

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Helping Afghan Women to Become Leaders


Fund workshops that support Afghan women in realizing their power and becoming leaders.

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Awakening: Women on the Frontlines of the Arab Spring

Women in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are fighting to stop military strongmen and religious fundamentalists from hijacking the Arab Spring.

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Help end child marriage in Pakistan

By training journalists, police officers and religious leaders, Sujag Sansar will bring awareness to and discourage the practice of child marriage in Pakistan.

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Jewish and Arab women advocates for peace

Promote peace in Israel by building a network of Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli women leaders committed to social change through advocacy.

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Help Humaira build the Dream Model Street School

We’ve built the ground floor, now we need to build the first floor of the Dream Model Street School in the Mawach Goth area of Karachi, Pakistan.

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