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Providing obstetric and ultrasound services

Improve prenatal care and direct access to ultrasounds for expectant mothers in the Comarca Ngobe-Bugle region of Panama.

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Technology as a ticket to employment

Training girls from rural areas in Guatemala and Honduras in job and leadership skills in media, technology and design to give them a path out of poverty.

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Re-imagining shelter living for women and girls

Jenesse Center Inc. helps thousands of women and girls escape the devastating effects of domestic violence and reach a place of hope and healing.

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Provide young women with an equal chance at college

College is incredibly expensive with many necessary expenses beyond tuition. Help provide laptops to young women pursuing higher education.

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Internet as a tool to end violence in Georgia

Help develop an online web series that will educating the Georgian public about the causes and impact on society of violence against women.

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Minority women in Bulgaria rising online

Women in Bulgaria, particularly Roma and Turkish ethnic minorities, experience high levels of poverty and social exclusion.

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Changing women’s lives with just a few text messages

Help us reach thousands more South African women via SMS to teach them vital information about reproductive health.

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