– Maternal health

Support for an HIV-free generation

Help us fund a Community Health Worker (CHW) in Togo, who will provide invaluable support and hope to pregnant women with HIV.

Life-changing surgery for 27 mothers

Help provide vital surgery to women with fistula* in Kenya to support them in rebuilding their lives.

Preventing mother to child HIV transmission

Prevent mother to child transmission of HIV by supporting mothers' needs during pregnancy. 

Train 200 nurses to prevent newborn asphyxiation

Seed Global Health is teaching nurses neonatal resuscitation techniques that radically improve newborn survival.

Improve health and nutrition for mothers & children

Help CARE provide mothers in 11 of the poorest districts in rural Bangladesh training on key health practices, as well as connect them with health counselors.

Secret Mama – save abandoned newborns in Italy

Mothers needed to know that they have safe silent way to offer their baby another life

Mamma Mia – help pregnant moms in Haiti

St. Damien Hospital in Haiti performs approximately 400 free deliveries a month, of which about 17% are cesarean births.

Providing obstetric and ultrasound services

Improve prenatal care and direct access to ultrasounds for expectant mothers in the Comarca Ngobe-Bugle region of Panama.

Help provide specialty pediatric care in Panama

Help Panamanian medical residents gain pediatric sub-specialty health training to provide care to children and mothers living in rural Panama.

Educating for better maternal health in Tanzania

Midwifery isn’t seen as a respected career choice in Tanzania and even if it was, science isn’t taught to girls so they can’t choose it as a career.